For many years J. Hershey Architecture clients have requested that we not only provide construction administration, but that we perform the construction of projects with the attention to detail as we provide with our design and engineering solutions. In consideration of these ongoing requests along with the observation that our clients have experienced a lack of quality control when we are less involved, we are proud to announce the incorporation of J. Hershey Design Build as of the spring of 2017.

This additional offering is limited to select clients in the Chicagoland area and Northshore suburbs who value the “one stop shop” approach. JHDB is Architect led verses contractor led to avoid compromise of the design intent as developed by the Architect and Client as a Team.

The number of projects under construction at any one time will be limited and will be focused on the homes, businesses and community associations which are clients of J. Hershey Architecture.

We are intensely passionate about the work we do. At J. Hershey we care about our clients, the environment and our community. It is our goal that everything we do is crafted with excellence.

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