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Property managers, community associations, homeowners and building owners rely on the J. Hershey companies for the ability to work with a professional that will be their “one-stop shop” guiding the project from start to finish. We are focused on the health, welfare, and safety of our clients. The J. Hershey Group provides building evaluations, repair specifications, and construction administration for select clients. We accomplish this through our architectural design and coordination of engineering services including structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and other specialties.

  • J. Hershey Building Consultants …. for property evaluation and problem resolution
  • J. Hershey Architecture …. for design and building repair solutions


About Us

J. Hershey is a premier full service professional firm that provides solutions via consulting, design, engineering, and construction services to assist property managers, condominium associations, HOA’s, single family homeowners and commercial building owners in preserving the integrity of their community and protecting their investment.

"My satisfaction comes from solving complex issues and being the 'go to' professional for our clients' needs." - John Hershey

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"Excellent design and expert attention to detail"
- Daniel Rapp, M.D.
"Everything delivered as promised"
-Tom Kreuser, Century 21 Kreuser & Seiler
"Your input has been invaluable."
-David Harnish, President of Charter Hall Homeowners Association
"Mr. Hershey can provide outstanding services to your company as he has done for us over the years."
- Eadka, DK Condo


For many of us, this part of our calendar finds us planning out what we can or should tackle in the coming year.  These planning conversations are better if they are informed by a fairly recent reserve study. Otherwise, a board risks using an outdated needs list or even prioritizing pet projects, whether consciously or not. This […]

There are times when having property reviewed by an objective and expert third party is necessary. Outside expertise protects both sides in property related issues. An expert delivering a direct and unbiased assessment can eliminate future surprises, ensure a board is not taking on (or ignoring) necessary repairs, and even put to bed an ongoing […]

This issue of the J. Hershey Blueprint highlights a few examples of creative maintenance approaches designed to work within reserve limits


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