J. Hershey Building Consultants is a premier full-service architectural design and consulting firm that provides services for discriminating clients. Mr. Hershey and his team focus on every detail of a project that addresses budget, timeliness and high-quality work. The most successful project results have occurred when clients requested Mr. Hershey’s input at every stage from property analysis through design and ultimately construction. Mr. Hershey has saved clients money well beyond his fees whether designing small projects or leading due diligence teams for successful multi-billion dollar real estate transactions. Services offered include the following:


  • Reserve Studies for Condominium and Homeowner Association
  • Re-Roofing Specifications and Bid Package
  • Structural Repair Analysis
  • Architectural Unit Reviews
  • Balcony Repair
  • Design Consultation
  • Energy Audits
  • LEED Project Certification
  • Zoning Analysis and Variances
  • Municipal Approvals
  • ADA / FHAA Federal Guideline Property Reviews
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Financial ProForma
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Construction Monitoring

“I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Your analysis of our current roofing condition was thorough, well documented, and understandable. The Notice to Bidders was extremely detailed. This no doubt encouraged the bidders to perform at their best as they were aware that you were acting as our advocate, and that you would not accept anything less than the highest quality products and labor. Finally your analysis of the bids leveled the playing field and made sure that the data was “apples to apples”.

Perhaps your greatest value to the Board was your attendance at meetings of the Association. It was clear that you knew what you were talking about.Your input has been invaluable.”

David Harnish
President, Board of Directors
Charter Hall Homeowners’ Association
Palatine, IL

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Reserve Study, April 2014
Balcony Evaluation, April 2014
ACTHA Presentation 2014