08/13/18 Professional with Reserve Study experience wanted!

We are looking for a Licensed Architect or Licensed Engineer with Reserve Study experience to join our J. Hershey Building Consultant’s team!  This person can be licensed in any state and will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects within a short period of time.  Experience with production drawings and construction management is desired but is not a requirement and this person may work remotely from home or from one of our four office locations.  To apply please send resume and cover letter to John Hershey at!

07/25/18 July Newsletter!

The J. Hershey Building Consultants team has been busy in recent weeks working on projects in multiple states from Illinois to Ohio, over to Pennsylvania and down to Florida!  Click here to read our July issue of The Blue Print which highlights these community association projects along with beautiful images of the home the J. Hershey Design Build team recently completed in Libertyville, Illinois.

05/23/18 – May’s issue of The Blue Print

The J. Hershey team had a great time networking at the CAI National Conference and Trade Show earlier this month!  Click here to read the May issue of The Blue Print which include a recap of the National Conference, updates on current community association projects, in-progress pictures of J. Hershey Design Build home renovations and much more!  As always, for all your consulting, design, construction and community association needs please do not hesitate to contact us at 844-543-7743 to discuss your project!

05/15/18 Happy Anniversary

The J. Hershey team is celebrating our 9th anniversary today!  Thanks to our amazing Clients, we are thrilled at the growth the company has experienced these past nine years including the addition of offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida as well as the introduction of J. Hershey Building Consultants and J. Hershey Design Build in 2017!  As always, it is our mission to be your “one-stop shop” helping to guide your design, consulting or construction project from start to finish.  Please contact us today at 844-543-7743 to discuss your upcoming project needs and thank you for being part of our journey!

05/09/18 – Roof Replacement

The J. Hershey Building Consultants team is preparing constructions drawings and specifications for the replacement of the roof shown in the images below. This Association consists of (1) 3-story building containing (24) units and is located in Westlake, Ohio, close to the shores of Lake Erie. Once the drawings are complete and approved by the Association we will assist with bidding and construction oversight for the duration of the project. It is not uncommon for J. Hershey Building Consultants to save our Clients time and money when they hire us to perform all four phases from initial evaluation through construction administration. It is our goal to be your “one-stop” shop guiding the project from start to finish.  Please give us a call today at 844-543-7743 or email Jen at to request a proposal!

05/02/18 Capital Improvement Projects

Now that spring has sprung, our team has been busy performing construction administration services for community association projects where drawings, specifications and bidding were completed with our assistance at the end of 2017. During construction we perform scheduled site visits to monitor the progress, assist with payout requests, answer questions on behalf of the board and prepare written reports for the association detailing the progress.

Current construction administration projects as shown below include the roof replacement of a 4-story, (36) unit building, the roof replacement of (25) 2-story town-home buildings and we just completed construction drawings for the balcony railing replacement of (152) units in (6) 3-story buildings. We are now moving into the Bid Phase of the balcony railing replacement project and will be meeting bidders on-site this week to review the specifications and answer any questions so they may prepare their proposals for the Board’s review!

Give us a call today at 844-543-7743 to discuss your capital improvement project needs.  It is not to late to begin construction this summer!


04/25/18 April’s Blue Print

From specific questions to ask your potential Reserve Study professional to images of in-progress J. Hershey Design Build projects our April issue of The Blue Print has something for everyone!  Click here to read and as always, feel free to give us a call at 844-543-7743 to discuss any of your project needs!

04/23/18 Questions to ask your Reserve Study Professional

Last week, J. Hershey Building Consultants performed a Reserve Study site visit at a vintage 4-story walk-up building in Evanston, Illinois, which contained a laundry room, package delivery room, storage lockers, an underground parking garage as well rear wooden stairs.  A Reserve Study site visit was also performed for a town-home association which consisted of (8) buildings containing (36) units.  Along with review of the exterior of each building the Association also maintains a pond, general landscaping and the street.

When hiring professionals to produce a Reserve Study it is important to ask detailed questions regarding the experience of the professionals…this should go beyond the standard…”Has the professional previously produced Reserve Studies for properties which are similar to our property”?

Some questions to consider may include:

·Is the person who is visiting the property a licensed professional or are they an unlicensed employee who may or may not have a college degree in architecture or engineering?

·Is the person who is visiting the property a licensed architect or a licensed engineer?  If they are a licensed engineer, then what type of engineering degree?  Examples may include, civil engineer, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, etc.  A licensed architect is commonly very familiar with all aspects of building construction.  On the other hand, someone who is an electrical engineer is unlikely to have in depth knowledge of structural design.

·Does the licensed professional produce bid repair documents or provide construction monitoring of capital improvements for multi-family properties or is their experience restricted to the preparation of Reserve Studies?  We consider it to be beneficial for a professional who is preparing your Reserve Study to have experience with building design as well as involvement in the building construction process.

·Depending on the type of property, we recommend the Association give consideration to have multiple professionals involved in the preparation of a Reserve Study.  A town-home Association with no common mechanical systems for example may not significantly benefit from having multiple professionals involved.  However, a mid-rise or high-rise building with common mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems may benefit from the individual expertise of multiple professionals, especially those who are familiar with current design practices when evaluating capital improvements.  One or more professionals to consider when evaluating a building with complex systems may include an architect, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and elevator consultant.  An architect or an architect and a mechanical engineer is generally recommended for complex building systems.

Below are some images from our visits last week.  To request a Reserve Study proposal please give Jen a call at 844-543-7743 or click here to fill out our easy-to-use online request form!

04/18/18 – Facade Repairs

In February, the Board of Directors for the Association shown below hired us to perform an evaluation of the facade on each of their buildings.  Based on our detailed written report, the Board has now hired us to prepare specifications for the facade repairs.  In March, this Association also hired us to perform an evaluation of the roofs.  Each of the (25) roofs was reviewed to determine their condition and a matrix was prepared listing roof repairs needed in order of importance.  This Association is located northern Illinois and consists of (79) units in (25) single-story buildings.  Give J. Hershey Building Consultants a call today at 844-543-7743 to discuss your capital improvement project needs!


04/09/18 Reserve Studies in the Snow!?

J. Hershey Building Consultants were on-site in Columbus, Ohio, to perform a Reserve Study on this chilly, snowy day!  This past weekend our Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania offices all saw several inches of snow…we all wish we were working out of the Orlando office this week!  This time of year it melts quickly and does not inhibit our ability to view the common elements the Association is responsible for maintaining.  This Association includes (35) units in (4) 2-story buildings with a separate fitness center.  The street is also maintained by the Association.  Give us a call today at 844-543-7742 to discuss your Reserve Study proposal needs.