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6/3/19 Construction Administration Phase

posted by Jen

Once the J. Hershey Building Consultants team makes recommendations to our client on what the issues are and how to repair them, we then assist the Association with the preparation of bid repair documents as needed for bidding and permitting.  We offer coordination and preparation of these documents for all site and building related issues.

After bidding is complete and a contractor has been hired we perform construction monitoring on behalf of the Association to observe that work is being performed in accordance with the contract.  Our site visits are followed up with easy to read written reports and color photographs so our clients know how the repair work is progressing.

The replacement of the roofing for the Association shown below will first begin with the removal of the air conditioning units.   This Association consists of (1) 3-story building containing (24) units.  Replacement of the roofing shall begin next week and is anticipated to last three weeks.