01/31/18 January Blue Print

Click HERE to read the January 2018 issue of The Blue Print!  J. Hershey is now comprised of three distinct companies, each of which is featured in this issue along with our new website and phone number!

09/26/17 September Blue Print

Our September issue of The Blue Print is ready for viewing! Do you know what sets J. Hershey Architecture apart from our competitors? Check out our “Association Projects” section below for some insight! This issue not only highlights our Association projects but also some great design projects our Team is currently working on.

9/7/17 Privacy Wall

We are currently designing repairs to the stucco privacy wall for an Association as shown below in Pennsylvania. The wall stretches approximately 900 feet. Along with the privacy wall repairs we are also redesigning one of the drive entries to include reworking the ingress/egress, adding a “faux” gate house with electronic powered gates and re-configuring the road pavement.

8/29/17 Roofs

The low slope roof sections at the property shown below were recently re-roofed and unfortunately it now has more leaks than before. We were asked for our expert opinion to evaluate the cause of the current leaks. Note: Unfortunately, professional specifications and construction oversight were not performed prior to our involvement as is often the case.

08/07/17 Chicago Water Storage Tank

Due to recent failures of some aging rooftop water storage tanks on historic Chicago buildings, many Associations are choosing to have them removed if no longer in use. This past weekend we performed construction oversight for the removal of the water storage tank shown below. This particular building was built in 1921 and converted to residences in 2006, which means their water storage tank was almost 100 years old!