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03/18/19 “What’s the Diagnosis…Leak Investigation”

posted by Jen

J. Hershey Building Consultants is a proud member of Community Associations Institute Chapters in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.  Recently, our President, John Hershey, had an article published in the CAI South Gulf Coast Community Voice Magazine!  “What’s the Diagnosis…Leak Investigation” focuses on one of the most common and frustrating issues property mangers and community associations face…water leaks! Please click here to view the article which begins on page 10.

As a CAI Educated Business Partner and a designated Reserve Specialist, John regularly travels to events throughout the country, guest speaking, networking and building relationships with property managers, association board members and business partners.  Please reach out to John today at to discuss any upcoming speaking engagements or article needs for your company or publication!