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05/02/18 Capital Improvement Projects

posted by Jen

Now that spring has sprung, our team has been busy performing construction administration services for community association projects where drawings, specifications and bidding were completed with our assistance at the end of 2017. During construction we perform scheduled site visits to monitor the progress, assist with payout requests, answer questions on behalf of the board and prepare written reports for the association detailing the progress.

Current construction administration projects as shown below include the roof replacement of a 4-story, (36) unit building, the roof replacement of (25) 2-story town-home buildings and we just completed construction drawings for the balcony railing replacement of (152) units in (6) 3-story buildings. We are now moving into the Bid Phase of the balcony railing replacement project and will be meeting bidders on-site this week to review the specifications and answer any questions so they may prepare their proposals for the Board’s review!

Give us a call today at 844-543-7743 to discuss your capital improvement project needs.  It is not to late to begin construction this summer!