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11/07/18 Roofing Evaluation

posted by Jen

J. Hershey Building Consultants recently performed an evaluation of the flat roofing on (3) 4-story buildings, as shown below, for a community association in northern Illinois.  The purpose of the evaluation was to determine the remaining useful life of the roofing.  We have the capability to perform evaluations on every site and building component issue that may be found on an community association’s property. We perform evaluations related to site drainage, erosion, building settlement, structural cracks, underground parking garages, wall cladding, wood balconies, steel and concrete balconies, flat roofing, sloped roofing and flashings, ice damming, attic ventilation, water leaks and infiltration.  Give Jen a call today at 844-543-7743 or to discuss your building evaluation needs!